Fibrolipoma of Oral Cavity- A Case Study

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BR. Sathvikalakshmi
CH. Uma Reddy
R. Kirthika
L. Chandrashekar
R. Sudarshan


Lipomas are benign soft tissue mesenchymal neoplasms of the oral cavity. Among its histological variants, fibrolipoma is a rare entity and is comprised of neoplastic fat cells embedded in dense collagen. Although, fibrolipomas may occur at various sites in the oral cavity, its etiology is obscure. The importance of differentiating an intraoral fibrolipoma from a mucocele, fibroma and pleomorphic adenoma is discussed through a case study of fibrolipoma in the buccal sulcus with review of literature. Here we present a case study on fibrolipoma in the left buccal mucosa.

Lipoma, oral cavity, benign tumor, fat

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Sathvikalakshmi, B., Reddy, C. U., Kirthika, R., Chandrashekar, L., & Sudarshan, R. (2017). Fibrolipoma of Oral Cavity- A Case Study. Asian Journal of Medicine and Health, 9(1), 1-4.
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