Retracted: SARS-CoV-2 was Unexpectedly....

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Willard Oodendijk
Michaël Rochoy
Valentin Ruggeri
Florian Cova
Didier Lembrouille
Sylvano Trottinetta
Otter F. Hantome
Nemo Macron
Manis Javanica


This article was retracted after reporting of serious scientific fraud.

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Oodendijk, W., Rochoy, M., Ruggeri, V., Cova, F., Lembrouille, D., Trottinetta, S., Hantome, O. F., Macron, N., & Javanica, M. (2020). Retracted: SARS-CoV-2 was Unexpectedly. Asian Journal of Medicine and Health, 18(9), 14-21. Retrieved from
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